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Volume 28.1  


Mark Skues

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Digital technology in Perioperative Care

Manpreet Singh, Yat Wah Li

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Overcoming COVID-19 challenges in Ambulatory Surgery: Reflections of a Junior Doctor

Jessica Griffin

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Establishing the Patient Perspective on Day Case Arthroplasty

A Jain, C O’Dowd Booth, P Cay, R Jones, C Wakeling

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Vitrectomy in a 62-year-old outpatient with uncorrected Tetralogy of Fallot – Case Report

J. Barbosa, R. Silva, C. Oliveira, D. Costa, V. Vieira, E. Soares

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Correspondence: COVID-19 impact on Plastic Surgery local anesthetic lists

F. Schonauer, U. Rega, A. Cavaliere, F. D’Andrea

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