Volume 2 (1994)


Volume 2 Issue 4


Editorial. Quality assurance in the day surgery setting
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg


A quality assurance initiative in day case surgery: general considerations
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg

Quality assurance in day case anaesthesia
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg

Quality assurance in day case surgery: closing the audit loop
B.J. Watson, M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg, K.E.A. Dutton


After day surgery: the impact on community healthcare services
E.M. Lowry, A.D. Simpson, H.G. Glenister, D.N.L. Ralphs 

Quality improvement in ambulatory surgery — the US perspective
R.S. Twersky
Accreditation of ambulatory surgery centres utilizing universally acceptable clinical indicators — is it achievable?
L. Roberts

Volume 2 Issue 3


Paul EM Jarrett

Regional anaesthesia for outpatient surgery
S.K. Pandit, U.A. Pandit
Ambulatory surgery in the '90s
A.G. Greenburg
Effectiveness of naproxen in laparoscopic sterilization: a double blind randomized placebo controlled study
R. van Ee, D.J. Hemrika, C.Th. van der Linden, H. Lip, S. de Blok
Comparison of alfentanil and halothane anaesthesia in paediatric ambulatory ENT surgery
W.F. Casey, R.S. Hannallah, R.A. Woodford, W.J. Martin, S.B. Baker, J.M. Norden
Day case inguinal hernia repair under local anaesthesia with sedation
J. Marin, A. Gallardo, C. Perez, S. Marrero
Blood contact and exposures among ambulatory surgery personnel
M.C. White, P. Lynch
Epidural anaesthesia in ambulatory surgery
A. Faura, M.J. Linares, D. Pelegrí, A. Abad, C. Ramón
Ambulatory cataract surgery: the patients' perceptions
P.B. Chell, P. Shah, A.R. Fielder
Ambulatory surgery complications and patient fitness
A. Paix, G.E. Rudkin, G.A. Osborne
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Volume 2 Issue 2

The future today
Mark Woodcock, Kylie Martens
Future developments in day-case laparoscopic surgery
R.H. Jago
Patient choice in sedation anaesthesia and recovery room analgesia
G.E. Rudkin
Future developments in minimal access surgery in gynaecology
P.J. Taylor, V. Gomel
The introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to Australia and New Zealand: an illustration of establishing training and standards for new clinical privileges
D.R. Fletcher
Future developments in urologic day surgery
K.W. Kaye
The growth of day surgery in Australia: the role of the Australian Association of Day Surgery Centres
M. Woodcock
The Commonwealth Government and day surgery in Australia
P. Callanan
Some economic aspects of day surgery, Ambulatory Surgery
P.E.M. Jarrett
Potential economic impact of expansion of same-day surgery in Australia
P.F. Gross
Literature Review  

Propofol anaesthesia reduces early postoperative emesis after paediatric strabismus surgery
E.J. Reimer, C.J. Montgomery, J.C. Bevan, P.M. Merrick, D. Blackstock, V. Popovic

Comparison of ketorolac and opioid analgesics in postoperative ACL reconstruction outpatient pain control
D.A. McGuire, K. Sanders, S.D. Hendricks

Use of mivacurium during laparoscopic surgery: effect of reversal drugs on postoperative recovery
Y. Ding, B. Fredman, P.F. White

Are discharge criteria changing?
F. Chung

Recovery characteristics of desflurane versus halothane for maintenance of anesthesia in pediatric ambulatory patients
P.J. Davis, I.T. Cohen, F.X. McGowan Jr., K. Latta

Anxiety, relaxation and anaesthesia for day-case surgery
D. Markland, L. Hardy

Impact of newer drugs and techniques on the quality of ambulatory anesthesia
P.F. White, I. Smith

Outpatient transurethral incision of the prostate under local anesthesia: operative results, patient security and cost effectiveness
J. Hugosson, S. Bergdahl, L. Norlen, T. Ortengren

Day case management in adjustable suture squint surgery
A.J. Luff, R.J. Morris, A.C. Wainwright

Preoperative intravenous diclofenac for postoperative pain prevention in outpatients
T. Hyrkas, P. Ylipaavalniemi, V.J. Oikarinen, I. Paakkari

Antiemetic efficacy of prophylactic ondansetron in laparoscopic surgery: randomized, double-blind comparison with metoclopramide
J.H. Raphael, A.C. Norton

Nausea: the most important factor determining length of stay after ambulatory anaesthesia. A comparative study of isoflurane and/or propofol techniques
G. Green, L. Jonsson

Pharmacokinetics and effects of i.m. alfentanil as premedication for day-case ophthalmic surgery in elderly patients
M. Virkkila, T. Ali-Melkkila, H. Soini, J. Kanto

Pain on injection of propofol: modification by nitroglycerin
D. Wilkinson, M. Anderson, I.S. Gauntlett

Patient evaluation of four different combinations of intravenous anaesthetics for short outpatient procedures
J. Jakobsson, E. Oddby, K. Rane

Pain relief following day-case diagnostic hysteroscopy-laparoscopy for infertility: a double-blind randomized trial with preoperative naproxen versus placebo
R. van-Ee, D.J. Hemrika, C.T. van-der-Linden,

Analgesia after laparoscopic sterilisation. Effect of 2% lignocaine gel applied to Filshie clips
K. Barclay, J.P. Calvert, S.J. Catling, N.D. Edwards, A. Rees

Transurethral nedle ablation (TUNA): safety, feasibility, and tolerance of a new office procedure for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
C.C. Schulman, A.R. Zlotta, J.S. Rasor, L. Hourriez, J.C. Noel, S.D. Edwards


Volume 2 Issue 1

Paul E.M. Jarrett
Clinical indicators for quality assurance in ambulatory surgery
L. Roberts
Recent advances in ambulatory anaesthesia
R. Dwyer, K.E. McGoldrick
Adverse outcomes in outpatient anesthesia
F. Chung
Outpatient tonsilloadenoidectomy: avoiding complications
K.E. McGoldrick
Invaginated axial stripping and stab avulsion (hook) phlebectomy: a definitive outpatient procedure for primary varicose veins
G. Goren, A.E. Yelling
Urology day care surgery: a patient satisfaction survey
A. Ghose, D. Baxter-Smith
Planning, building and operating a free-standing privately-owned day theatre complex: a nine year experience
P.E. Papa Petros
Postoperative admissions from a hospital-based day surgery unit
R. Kong, J. Wilson, K.L. Kong
An open randomized study of the effects of intravenous fluid replacement during day case anaesthesia
K.N. Bakhshi, S. Igbal, D.J. Wilkinson
Panel on ambulatory surgery: Creative, efficacious and cost effective choices in ambulatory surgery Presented at the 1993 annual meeting, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Washington, DC, USA Download 
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