Volume 7 (1999)

Volume 7 Issue 4


Editorial. Teaching in the ambulatory surgery unit

PEM Jarrett.


Ambulatory surgery: an organisational and cultural revolution, a social and political challenge.

Claude De Lathouwer.


Comparison of ondansetron, dimenhydrinate versus placebo as PONV prophylaxis for outpatient gynecological laparoscopy.

Harminder S. Sandhu, Carol A. Stockall, Sugantha Ganapathy, Salvatore M. Spadafora, James T. Watson.


Does laparoscopy make splenectomy a safe ambulatory operation?: Preliminary results.

Andrus J Voitk, Jacobo Joffe, Larry Grossman.


Report from the 14th Annual Meeting Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia.

Benard V Wetchler.



Axillary blockade of the brachial plexus. Incidents and complications.

S Ortega, C Gómez-Muňoz, L Muňoz, JP Ortega, MA García-Enguita, P Arauzo, A Solanas.

Spinal anaesthesia with mepivacaine for ambulatory surgery.

J Castillo Monsegur, M Arilla Montanuy, JC Cabrera Ruiz-Lopera,F Escolano Villén, J Castaňo Santa

Ocular hypertension prevalence at the Hospital de Sant Joan day-case unit

P Romero, O Espeso, I Martínez, D Del Castillo.

Oral ambulatory surgery. A two years experience.

A Rodríguez-Armijo Sánchez, MJ Romero Alvarez, BMaJ Camelo Ordaz, BS León Ferrera, PA Gallardo García.

Conservative and haemodynamic treatment of the venous insufficiency on an ambulatory basis.

L del Campo Senosiain, MaE del Campo Pena.

What is the input of short stay surgery to the ambulatory surgical units?

JM Villar del Moral, JB García Martos, JM Martín Ruiz de la Herrán, J García Rubio, JM Hernández García, PM Ruiz Lorenzo, JT Torres Alcala.

Laparoscopic cholecistectomy. A retrospective survey on 147 cases.

E Córdoba Díaz de Laspra, J Bernal Jaulín, L Lahuerta Lorente, A Martínez Germán, E Gonzalvo, C Ceballos Alonso, P García Fabián, V Ferreira Montero.


Volume 7 Issue 3


Editorial. Procedure selection guidelines: the time is now to prepare for the 21st century.

Bernard V. Wetchler


The preoperative assessment clinic: organization and goals.

Angela M Bader.


Anaesthesia for groin hernia repair—the patient choice.

W Ismail, A.P Zbar, O El Gazzar, E Beddow.


Comparison of propofol and ketamine-midazolam for cystoscopy: A randomized trial with clinical economic analyses.

Jariya Lertakyamanee, Pradit Somprakit, Chirawat Panthawangkun, Jariya Santati-anan, Ubolrat Santawat.


Trabucco's 'suture-less tension-free' hernia repair: technique, local anesthesia and results.

Luigi Conte, Alberto Angarano, Antonio Cinque, Vito D'Aietti, Vittorio Durastante, Mario Travaglini.


Clinical indicators for day surgery.

B Collopy, L Rodgers, J Williams, N Jenner, L Roberts, J Warden.


Organisational, technological and structural standards for office based ambulatory surgery and day surgery.

E Guzzanti, I Mastrobuono.


Experience in integral management of advanced carpal tunnel syndrome in an ambulatory surgical unit.

A Alvarez Jorge, R Pinal Goberna, J Garcia Barreiro, M Ulloa Cerezales, F Martelo Villar.


Literature review for National Guidelines on discharge planning and criteria for day surgery.

A. Harrison, M. Tricker.


Volume 7 Issue 2


Editoral. James H. Nicoll (1864–1921)

PEM Jarrett


Patients' perceptions of day surgery: A literature review.

Mark Mitchell.


Summary of studies into adult patients' perceptions of day surgery.

Mark Mitchell.


Improving patient throughput for oral day case surgery. The efficacy of a nurse-led pre-admission clinic.

K. Clark, R. Voase, I.R. Fletcher, P.J. Thomson.


Implementation of ambulatory surgery in a university hospital: an audit comprising 873 general surgery cases.

Ernane D Reis, François Mosimann, Henri Vuilleumier.


Current therapy for management of postoperative nausea and vomiting: the 5-HT3 receptor antagonists.

Pierre Diemunsch, Kari Korttila, Anthony Kovac.


Quality of postoperative analgesia in day-case operative knee arthroscopy: role of fentanyl added to intra-articular bupivacaine and antiinflammatory therapy.

P.J Kelly, M Carboni, C Sforsini, M Donaldson.


Volume 7 Issue 1


Editorial. Preoperative laboratory and diagnostic testing: cost vs. Value.

Bernard V. Wetchler.


Pain management after ambulatory surgery.

Girish P. Joshi.


General Surgery Residency of Pirovano Hospital.

León Herszage, Leonardo L. Dimasi, Jose A. Abait, Omar P.A. Damia, Pablo Giuseppucci, Claudia B. Mitru.


Day case tonsillectomy in children.

J.J. Church.


Interscalene block in day case open shoulder surgery—a preliminary report.

C.E.R. Gibbons, S.J. Pope, G. Samsoon, M.J. Curtis.


Outpatient tonsillectomy: a prospective 7 years study—complications and comparison with inpatients.

M.P. Rivas Lacarte.


Patients' experiences of day surgery—an approach to quality control.

T. Kangas-Saarela, J. Ohukainen, M. Koivuranta,.


Outpatient anterior cervical microdiskectomy: experience with 106 cases.

Richard N.W Wohns, Roger D Robinett.


Information needs of general day surgery patients.

Colin Bradshaw, Chris Pritchett, Celia Bryce, Shirley Coleman, Helen Nattress.


The effect of acupuncture on pain and swelling after day case molar teeth extraction under general anaesthesia.

Trevor Roy Coe.


Convulsions associated with postoperative abstinence from alcohol.

S.S. Aslam, V.G. Punchihewa, S.F. Tinloi.




Supplement with Abstracts of the 3rd International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery

April 25-28th 1999