APCA - IAAS Teach the Teachers

The course was organized from19th to 22nd of February 2018 at Hospital Baptista Sousa – Mindelo – S. Vicente Island, Cabo Verde. One of a series of islands off the west coast of Africa.

The main objective of this course was to provide pre-graduate training to different professionals of the Baptist Sousa Hospital, in the area of Ambulatory Surgery, in order to help this Hospital to create an Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU).

The implementation of this ASU will require the creation of teams and experienced professionals in the context of the ambulatory surgical approach, thus allowing an improvement in the quality of assistance to the population of the island and contributing to the improvement of health indexes in Cabo Verde

General Programme
Day 19 – Morning - Travel - Ilha S. Vicente
Day 19 – Afternoon - Visit to Hospital Baptista Sousa
Day 20 – Morning – Theorical Presentations
Day 20 – Afternoon – Theorical Presentations
Day 21 – Morning – Surgical Intervention
Day 22 – Afternoon – Theorical Presentations
And Closing
Day 23 - Travel

Teachers / Trainers
- Carlos Magalhães – IAAS - Surgeon – Porto
- Vicente Vieira – IAAS - Anesthesist - Braga
- Paula Sarmento – APCA - Anesthesist/Managing – S. Maria da Feira
- Célia Castanheira – APCA – Nurse ASU – Porto
The Team