Top 10 Online PhD in Nursing Programs: 2024 Reviews

When you are looking to go further after completing the standard college program and master’s, the next step is to get phD. And choosing the right university can really pose a difference in your career.

Therefore, look for those that are well-known in the field of medicine if you are aiming for nursing phD. Here are the best nursing programs to look for this year.

1. Wilkes University’s Online PhD

If you’re a nurse seeking to advance your career and make a lasting impact in the field of healthcare, Wilkes University’s online PhD in Nursing program is here to support your aspirations.

One of the major advantages of this program is its flexibility. Designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals, the online format allows you to pursue your PhD without disrupting your current nursing responsibilities. You can check out more details about this program at

2. Roberts Wesleyan College

Another excellent opportunity is this one from New York. However, there is a big downside. The enrollment is limited to only 50 students. Therefore, you will have to apply on time. The best part is the lower price of only $850 per credit hour.

3. Rush University

The University is located in Chicago, but you can apply to this program from any location. There is much more space available with 680 enrollment groups. The price is $1,110 per credit hour, making it among the more expensive schools, but keep in mind that it is a respective name in the healthcare industry.

So, chances are great you will get your desired position after completing this program. The application deadline is in January.

4. University of Central Florida

As we already mentioned, the main benefit of taking an online program is that you don’t need to compensate for anything, especially not for experience. And people from this University in Orlando are aware of that. So, they are offering two tracks that you can complete without taking a break from work at all.

Another important detail is that this university is recognized for its online programs. Therefore, a person who got its PhD in a traditional way won’t have an important advantage in front of you when applying for the same position.

5. Vanderbilt University

The two most popular programs for nurses are Clinical Research and Health Services Research. It is a great solution as they divided these two categories. For example, suppose you are focused on a patient’s experience.

In that case, the second option is better since it will help you focus more on modern systems for evaluation, monitoring, and other details related to the proper care of the patient.

6. Walden University

The programs available at this university from Minneapolis provide a much better selection and focus on your career. You can choose from education, leadership, administration, and interdisciplinar programs.

When it comes to details during the program, we have to mention that the degree requirement is to get 81 credits, from which 25 are from core courses, 20 are from research, and 15 are from a selected specialization, followed by 20 you get with a research thesis.

We also have to mention Walden’s Sigma Theta Tau, which is a network where you can share your ideas and communicate with other professionals who got their degrees at Walden.

7. University of Kansas

The online program available there is one of the best in the country. It shouldn’t be a surprise since they are known for providing outstanding PhD programs for over 40 years already.

You can choose between Education, Symptom Science, and Health Systems as your programs.

There are different options available for enrollment, like right after college, or upon completing the master’s degree.

A very useful feature is that you can contact the graduate faculty and be mentored by that person.

8. Indiana University

The University of Bloomington is offering two programs, Health Systems, and Clinical Nursing.

It’s the right decision for those interested in roles like director of research, nursing faculty, education, and health policy.

When you enroll upon completing the MSN, the 30 credits will also get transferred. However, the most important detail about this one is, even though the classes are online, you will be able to visit the campus twice per year.

We understand it could be a potential issue for those with stable jobs, but taking a vacation will be worth it since you will get a chance to visit and meet mentors and many experts from the field that can assist you in further development of your career.

9. University of Colorado

The interesting part is that you can also choose the Behavioral program apart from more common caring science and healthcare systems research. But again, it depends on your aspirations and future plans.

The enrollment consists of 60 credits, and 18 from those you get from the dissertation. The duration of the program is three years.

The key details are related to potential in-state tuition prices if you are from Wyoming, Colorado, California, Oregon, Arizona, Alaska, and several other states.

The college is also offering scholarships twice a year.

10. University of Missouri

This one is also offering quite a wide range of programs. You can specialize in fields like health improvement, innovations, behavior science, and more.

There are three ways of enrollment there, post-DNP, post-MSN, and post-BSN.

However, it is also a hybrid model, which means that you will need to travel there for several times. Don’t worry, most of the classes are still online.

Also, the University of Missouri is one of few colleges in the country that is offering benefits of military personnel. So, if you have a family member who is a veteran, you will get a 10% reduction in cost.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that we listed only some of the most popular options for getting your PhD in nursing. There are many other solutions to choose from. And it all depends on your plans and preferences.

Also, learning more about different universities is a good way of having a backup. So you can apply for a couple of them just in case you fail to enroll to the one you initially liked the most.